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Developing the Eye

As a videographer or photographer, your goal is to capture the essence of your subject in a way that is both beautiful and engaging. But how do you develop the kind of sensitive eye that allows you to see and capture those subtle, elusive details that can make or break the story?

Our perceptions and experiences are always shaped by our own subjective perspectives and biases. This means you have to be willing to question and challenge them in order to see and capture the world in new and unexpected ways. You must be attuned to the unique context and circumstances of each shoot or project, and be willing to adapt and adjust your approach to suit the specific needs and demands of the situation.

As you compose and capture your images, ask yourself: What is the mood and energy of the scene? What is the mood that I'm currently feeling and what details or textures are causing this effect? What story do I want to tell with this image? How can I use colour to create contrast or draw attention to a specific element of the shot? Are there any distracting elements in the frame that I need to remove or reposition?

Another way to cultivate this sensitivity is to study and analyze the work of artists that you admire, particularly those who have a unique visual style or approach that resonates with you. By examining the work of artists who inspire you, you can gain insights into their techniques and approaches, and apply these lessons to your own work. Pay attention to how they use light, color, and framing to create mood and atmosphere. At the same time, it's important to remember that it is not simply a matter of copying the work of others. Rather, it's about learning from the masters and using that knowledge to create your own unique vision and style.

Of course, developing a sensitive eye for photo or video is not something that can be achieved overnight. It requires patience, dedication, and a willingness to experiment and take risks.

Ultimately, it is about more than just capturing pretty pictures. It's about using the power of visual storytelling to connect with people on a deeper level of resonance and shared-seeing.

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